49 Burning Condors

49 Burning Condors is a gothic folk rock band based out of Philadelphia. Made up of a hodgepodge of souls: Kimber Dulin (vocals + lyrics), Chris Tremoglie (guitar), Zach Rinck (bass), Sasha Ki (violin) and Jason Gooch (drums), “we thrive off ghost stories, all manners of good for nothing witches and tales of sinful cowboys told at unseemly hours of the night over a straight glass of whiskey.” The “Truths and Roses” EP is the first from 49 Burning Condors to feature all five players and was recorded at Miner Street Studios, Philadelphia PA. Much like all folklore, passed down time and time again, “Truths and Roses” becomes slightly more twisted and darker with each passing listen. Inspired by the storytelling techniques of Tom Waits, the deep, rolling lulls of Johnny Cash, the otherworldliness of Karen Elson and Chelsea Wolfe, and the bohemian rock style of Fleetwood Mac, 49 Burning Condors’ music is meant to fracture reality with songs that each feel like their own miniature horror story —whether about rotted love, wooden monsters, or gardens harvested from sin.